Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekly Summary Oct 24 - 30

10/24/2011 Off/Rest

10/25/2011 Recovery Run    
Distance: 8  Time: 1:26
Calories Burned: 968    HR: avg 144 max 164
Shoes: Brooks Green Silence  Terrain: Street
Ran to the park where my daughter was practicing soccer at. Met Stephanie and Graham to do some family running. Pushing a stroller up hills is hard work!

10/26/2011 Neighborhood semi-speed run 
Distance: 5.43  Time: 0:55
Calories Burned: 705    HR: avg 150 max 170
Shoes: New Balance MT10  Terrain: street
One last speed workout before Saturday's race. Also wanted to wear my New Balance shoes again, I hadn't worn them in awhile. Had some good paces during the run, nothing to crazy though.

10/27/2011 Easy Run 
Distance: 4.36  Time: 0:47
Calories Burned: 519    HR: avg 141 max 161
Shoes: Brooks Green Silence  Terrain: Street
Light run and testing out a windbreaker vest for Saturday. It kept my core warm, problem area...hands. First chilly weather and my body is confused.

10/28/2011 Rest

10/29/2011 Race - The Original Mud Run 
Distance: 6.25 Time: 1:10
Calories Burned: 1011    HR: not accurate
Shoes: New Balance MT10  Terrain: trail/obstacle
See post for details!

10/30/2011 Rowlett Creek Preserve - Easy
Distance: 8.8 Time: 1:58
Calories Burned: 1192   HR: avg 135 max 148
Shoes: New Balance MT101  Terrain: trail
I was thinking about getting a long and slow trail run in, at a very easy pace. The first 4-5 miles were good, then I started to get a tweak in my hip flexor/ upper quad area. I took a break to refill water with anticipation of running 4-6 more miles. The pain got worse and worse and after 1.5 miles, I decided to stop. The pain has since left altogether, just lingering effects of a hard race the day before.

Distance: 32.84 Time: 6:16
Calories Burned:  4,395

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