Wednesday, November 5, 2014


When I started this song a few days ago, I decided not to get to caught up and worried about song structure and format too much. So I just let the music keep layering and layering upon itself.

I kept doing a 'pass the torch' kinda thing...where I take one sound/riff and tweak it, spice it up or isolate a particular sound and turn it into something completely different, yet feeling like it was meant to be there.

After awhile, the song started to form a very intense sound...very strong and driving. It just felt right calling the work as a whole "Intensity." But that title alone wouldn't be enough to explain the different sections within the song.

I tried to divide the sections up evenly and interestingly. Each needed to pass the test if played solo. I think they do. They all have very unique feelings and intensities.

I'm really excited with how all of this came out.
Spent a good amount of time composing the music...medium amount of time arranging it all...and zero post production, balance, EQing... I heard the song so many times that it became the way the song "should sound" I decided to leave it be.

Full version.

A playlist with the songs broken down into the 5 individual parts

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