Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekly Summary: Oct 17 - 23

10/17/2011 Off/Rest

10/18/2011 Recovery Run    
Distance: 3.36  Time: 0:44 
Calories Burned: 453    HR: avg 133 max 150
Shoes: Brooks Green Silence  Terrain: Street
Shakeout run after high volume weekend. Ran with Stephanie and Graham, pushing him in the stroller.

10/18/2011 Tabatta Intervals 
Distance: 0  Time: 0:51
Calories Burned: 458    HR: avg 135 max 189
Shoes: Brooks Green Silence  Terrain: none
Did a series a whole series of exercises, targeting almost every body part. 20 seconds of exercising with 10 second breaks for 4 minutes on each exercise.

10/19/2011 Faster Pace Run    
Distance: 8.01  Time: 1:16
Calories Burned: 969    HR: avg 152 max 169
Shoes: Brooks Green Silence  Terrain: Street
2.5 mile warmup. 3.5 miles at faster pace and heart rate. The rest was a cool down jog. Running at a faster pace helped with my cadence and gait. It really started to "click" for me on this run. Really felt like a 'runner' today.

10/20/2011 Harry Moss Trail Run
Distance: 3.28 Time: 0:42
Calories Burned: 550    HR: avg 147 max 158
Shoes: New Balance MT101  Terrain: Trail
A new trail in Dallas that I had yet to try. It had some fun elements to it. Not the longest of runs, but good nonetheless.

10/21/2011 Evening Run
Distance: 7.14 Time: 1:09
Calories Burned: 911    HR: avg 149 max 161
Shoes: Brooks Green Silence  Terrain: street
Wore my headlamp and hit the streets at night. I love these kinda runs, just all around good fun!

10/22/2011 Medium Long Run 
Distance: 12.0 Time: 2:11
Calories Burned: 1,599    HR: avg 149 max 170
Shoes: Brooks Green Silence  Terrain: street
Ran about 5 miles with my wife. We worked on some speed stuff with her and had fun running together, as always. We split ways and I continued on. After the faster work with her, I had a hard time re-finding my groove, HR kept getting too high. I finally found my groove around mile 8 or 9. I got back to the 'quick cadence' style that I currently am using and love.

10/23/2011  Tough Mudder Training Day - Running
Distance: 7.77 Time: 1:24
Calories Burned: 941    HR: avg 146 max 165
Shoes: Brooks Green Silence  Terrain: street
This was actually two combined runs. One "pre-training" and then the actual group run

10/23/2011  Tough Mudder Training Day - Exercises 
Distance: 0   Time: 1:42
Calories Burned: 558    HR: avg 115 max 157 
Shoes: Brooks Green Silence  Terrain: street
Did the "circuit" off of Tough Mudders website. Each exercise was for 1 minute straight. Every 3 exercises we would jump into the pool and do some sprint work. Probably the highlight of the week. Great group of people with very similar goals and outlooks, so much fun.

Distance: 41.56 Time: 10:03
Calories Burned: 6,439

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